Introduction to the History of Bayhaqi

Introduction to the History of Bayhaqi
Bayhaqi on the famous scientist, court secretary Ghaznavi, Abolfazl Mohammad Ben Hussein is Bayhaqi. Prose, the prose is written Morsel and in the fifth century AH. This book describes the "ideal date Saboktakin" and the beginning of the reign of Sultan Masud Ghaznavi dynasty's early, so as "Masudi Date" has.
Bayhaqi on our hands today as he reached a small fraction of the total effect. Bayhaqi, who was nineteen years secretary of the Seljuk and Ghaznavi, who wrote thirty books "Fifty years is included and takes several thousand sheets" and now only the fifth to the tenth volume in our hands. Moreover, Bayhaqi itself expressly noted that many documents that would presumably be part of the book, has been eliminated. Writes: "And if I want Nskhthay papers and were not negligible, this date came from another Leuven."

Bayhaqi in his historical method, writes: "... if not that close readers who write and control of self-righteousness on the calendar for years I'm going to mention all the talking himself."
Elsewhere in the same field Bayhaqi historians warns that "caution should write the authors in the opening speech that can not be stopped and stood still and Nbshth Nbshtn can not be made again."
Other than its name: Date of Nazareth, on Al-Nasser, is Altvarykh communities.
Bayhaqi on the importance of two directions: one for the art historians and other writers.

Features prose Bayhaqi:

1 - Bayhaqi prose is a prose narrative that is at the service of historical content.
2 - In cases where the best known author of "wordy" but used the whole "brevity" in theology is quite obvious, the most striking aspects of "natural eloquence" is the word Bayhaqi.
3 - allegories and interpretations used, eloquent and beautiful.
4 - affidavit to the history and stories
5 - The creation of words and novel compounds
6 - Natural and non Mtklfanh use of Arabic words and phrases and sometimes Mksr
7 - verbs and sometimes eliminate the symmetric part of a phrase, the words of eloquence Aqtzay
8 - The words of beauty and fun song.

ART writing Bayhaqi:

1 - detailed description and an attractive appearance and esoteric subjects
2 - Visualization and Image artistic scenes and objects
3 - brevity and prolixity timely and natural
4 - allegorical imagery and beautiful Kenai

Beautiful story of Bayhaqi

On Monday, the seventh zero, Amyrmsvd early morning, on horseback and with the (bird) hunting cheetahs and servant and servants, and musicians went to the Helmand River where they received food and wine with a large hunting because they to noon (during breakfast) were engaged in fishing. Then they stay in the tents and canopies, where they were struck. Ate food and drank wine and were very happy. Such was the fate (by fate), after prayer, Amir ordered to bring their ships and small boats Vdnd ten, one of whom was older Sultan sit Vgstrdny data (beds) and a canopy over his Raphn pulled. Amir was a boat ride on the boat and any other group of people and no one was aware of the consequences. Suddenly they saw a boat full of water because the water pressure was brought, the boat began to sink and break, when they discovered that he be drowned. Fryadv noise was loud, Amir stood and fortune to his beloved that other boats were close. Seven and eight were Amir and Amir took to the water and jumped into another boat Rsanydnd and quite tired and injured her right leg was the size of a belt was torn skin and meat, and nothing was left to drown. But after the Lord show mercy to his power. It was a celebration of them black, and when Amir came to the boat, boats, and moved to River Rsanydnd. Amir has saved and changed clothes and came to the tent was wet and unpleasant horse was very bad news because Vfvrabh went to the palace complex and the concern and confusion among the troops was a big toe. He went to greet the elders and ministers, when they saw the king is healthy. Was established between the hosts and the people cry and pray and give alms so that its size was unknown.and two million dirhams in other lands thanks to the incident of the past if they need and deserve. Vamyr his signing that letter confirmed that the warriors were sent. Thursday was the eleventh zero Amyrgrftar fever, headache associated with a burning fever. As it could not meet with anyone except the number of doctors and male workers away from other people look, people were very concerned about not knowing what comes Vpryshan.Servant-hazel, and I quickly got the answers for the Bvnsr. and Amir never saw it until the letter arrived and I summarize some of the sons of Ali singularities (points), the letters that they had good news to the court I. I took the letters from the hazel and Amir. After an hour, came out and said to them on an AAF has Amyraz Tvdvt.Amir saw that there was sitting on the bed while a thin linen shirt on and wearing a necklace made of camphor in the neck and foot Bvallay doctor was sitting there. Amir said: Bvnsr say today is fine and the next two days will be allowed to visit because of my illness and fever is completely gone. Back and told me what had happened to Bvnsr. Dear God, I was very happy and thankful for the health of Amir's letter was written. Hazel eyes and I found it allowed me to once again honor the visit of Amir Masoud Mubarak was found. Amir reads the letter and asked for ink and signed the letter and said a letter was sent when I got back a message to tell you about certain Bvnsr. I obeyed him and came back with a signed letter and tell me what had happened to Bvnsr. Worthy of this great man and writer, and until nearly noon prayer with joy, began to write this important work was finished and sent the servant and riders. Then he wrote a letter to the Emir and explained everything that had done it. I found the letter and the permit and gave the letter to the Amir, Amir said he came early. Hazel said servant to bring bags and told me to take this bag. Each bag is made of a thousand ounces of gold. Bvnsr Tlahayy speak to the father of the Indian wars and the golden idols broken and crushed and melted and yours is the most solvent. Per trip for us to get this gold whenever you give alms, which is undoubtedly Vtrdydhlal and we give the same command. We heard Judge Bolan and his son died Bvalhsn Bvbkr are very poor and do not accept anything from anyone and have little agricultural land. Bags to be a father and a son of the bag to give up their land for a small farm to buy their own vehicle for easier living. We also thank the blessings of health that have seized a small amount we pay. I picked up the bags and to define the story and I'm done with Bvnsr. Bvnsr the right to pray and said Amir: Amir did it very good and timely. I heard that when it comes to Bvalhsn and son who are in need of ten Dirhams. Bvnsr returned home with bags of gold he took and the one who sent prayers and Bvalhsn judge and his son invited and came. The judge will Bvnsr message to Amir. The judge in the very prayer of Amir, saying: This gift is the essence of my honor, and I accepted it because I do not need and can Vnmy doomsday is very near the ball I'm not saying that I am, but because it requires I Qanm little. I can not accept this act of sin and punishment.Said Mramyrtvlany winds, to Caliph Kvnh another state because he is the owner of all provinces and Khwaja Bvnsr with Amir and I've never been in battle and not clear to me that it was not war according to the Prophet. I do not accept them and do not take responsibility for them. He said if you do not give to the needy and dervishes. I do not know of any requirements that can be said in the end gave him the gold and this is what the other person take the gold and asked me about being in my judgment, no it (the Carrera) I accept. Bvnsr the judge's son said his Tvs·hm vector, said: Long live the great Khwaja.I follow.I do not need it.send.

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